What is the PGLL?

The PRAIRIE GOLD LACROSSE LEAGUE (PGLL) was established in 2001 by Randy Trobak (Saskatoon) and Barry Stewart (Moose Jaw). They had a vision to bring box lacrosse back to the province of Saskatchewan for individuals to continue playing at a Junior (17-21 years old) to Senior (21+) competitive level.Ths sport has been up and down but is looking forward to a bright future with the Saskatchewan Rush now been apart of this great province.
Prairie Gold Lacrosse League Board of Directors

PGLL Board of Directors is established to make sure that the league follows the policy manual. The Board of Directors are voted on by the General Managers at the AGM which is usually held in March with the scheduling meeting.


Lacrosse is Canada's game! Box lacrosse was around in the 1970s but it wasn't until 2002 that the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League was established. This section is dedicated to keeping track of individual statistics from year-to-year.

Prairie Gold Lacrosse League Policy Manuel

The PGLL is govern by a Board of Directors under the umbrella of the Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association (SLA). The SLA falls under the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) and must obey the standards set.

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